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Hello fellow browsers, web developers and artists, thanks for stopping by my new site. Please excuse me while I transition my site to a more modern look.

My portfolio links to some old and new samples while I develop this site. As an artist turned web designer, I bring my personal point of view to both the web and print. I think about the user for the material I create, making it fun so they enjoy the experience and want to come back and above all remember your brand. It’s a sense of quality in this fast paced life. That being said, let me start you with some advice for making the web a better place.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is what is done to your website making it rank better in search engines or SERP (Search engine results page). There are both “natural” or un-paid (“organic”) search results and PPC (Pay Per Click) or the cost per click advertising model helping to drive internet traffic to websites, advertisers pay the publisher or a website owner where the ad appears when the ad is clicked.

When you’re designing your website keep the visitor in mind. Search engines want to return the best results for search queries. So show you are the authority on the subject you are sharing whether a product or a point of view. Have a clear visual with a clear point and navigation, content that is like a real conversation with the visitor giving them what they are looking for and above all have a good working site. Keep pictures the right size, but there is so much more. Come back and get answers.  YouTube Blog coming.