Artworksink Sample Web Sites

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LCF wanted a more responsive WordPress site. They wanted it to have that wood feel like musical instruments. I developed a music player that would allow song playing but would not allow song copying.


CP wanted the sites green color to match the gambling tables for this custom WordPress site. Replacing his old HTML site with a new responsive site. The new site increased visits by 25%
The owners of wanted to upgrade their old site to a custom responsive template for their eCommerce site on the Fortune 3 platform. I developed the parrot character as their mascot. We had a social media contest to name him. Tango won the most votes. This increased likes by 1000. The new mascot incorporated into all marketing materials help to increase conversions by 15%.
sundaysverybestr-site-template-small was loosing sales for years until I redid their website creating a customized theme in the Store Secure ecommerce platform. With the new template and the improved navigation sales went up 20% in 3 months, likes went from 160 to 987 in this time period with the marketing improvements on Facebook, PPC and email blasts.
Birdparadise was loosing it’s rankings and sales to their competitors with their old HTML non-responsive site. I created a customized WordPress theme and brought life to the site with gallery’s and events, coupons and sign up incentives. Connected Facebook and set up a team members to do postings of birds and interesting customers creating an increase in followers in the hundreds.

Some other samples of sites I created and improved.